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We publish resources that seek to glorify God and serve His Church in the German-speaking world

Around 2% of people living in German-speaking Europe would consider themselves broadly evangelical (compared to 35% in the US). Yet, despite these humbling statistics, the Gospel continues to spread, resulting in many first-generation Christians in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. In these countries, often associated with the birthplace of the protestant reformation, churches today are seeking to evangelise and disciple new and mature believers. To do this they need Christ-centered resources in their own language.

Here, in the heart of Europe, we publish resources that seek to glorify God and serve His Church in the German-speaking world. We want to help people understand the Bible and the Gospel so that they come to know, love and follow Jesus.


Verbum Medien is a non-profit ministry with a team of around 30 people who are passionate about Jesus. They want to serve German-speaking believers by investing their time in producing resources that are both, high in quality and worth reading. In addition to our part-time staff, the majority of the team are volunteers, who give of their time to help with translating, editing, proofreading, social media, IT, etc., or assisting with making the books known at local and national conferences.

Everyone contributes something so that resources that honor God and serve His church can be published.


We are blessed and honored to partner with many like minded ministries in a worldwide gospel movement.

Partners such as:

The Good Book Company
Desiring God
Ligonier Ministries
The Gospel Coalition

As a non-profit ministry, we reinvest the profits from our book sales into producing new books. The comparatively small number of Christians in German-speaking countries means that our small print quantities are not able to fully finance the ministry. Therefore we trust God, to raise up individuals and churches who share our vision and who will want to support the mission.

Does your heart beat for this vision? Then we invite you to become part of this work and support it financially.

If you would like to support us on a one-off or regular basis, you can find our bank details here, as well as the option to give via PayPal:

IBAN: DE12 4905 1285 0060 0148 00 
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We automatically issue a donation receipt once a year. Please make sure that your full address is stated in the reason for payment or with PayPal. Thank you for supporting the vision of Verbum Medien!


If you are interested in getting to know more about us or partnering with us, don’t hesitate to reach out by E-Mail


Our main website is in German, but feel free to browse through our titles here.